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China's Impending Collapse:
The Demise of the Red Dragon

Investigative Report from Dent Research

China’s market crash is imminent.

In just 3 weeks, its market crashed 35%.

And this is a trend set to resume after a short-lived rally into August. This bubble is on the brink of imploding. Its collapse will be so extreme… it will deal the knockout blow to the global economy.


As well as having the greatest debt ratios of any emerging country EVER, China overbuilt housing, industrial capacity and accelerated urbanization at completely unsustainable rates…and China’s economic foundations are starting to show their cracks.

Real estate prices reached their peak, and are beginning to plummet. China’s real estate bubble is imploding...

Spiraling the real estate market down to new lows.

With the Chinese investing 75% of their wealth in real estate, the collapse of this bubble will completely devastate the Chinese economy.

Bringing forth the domino effect…the damage will reverberate around the world. And thankfully we are prepared - everything we can expect to see in the forthcoming crash, is documented in this report.

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With a staggering 47% of the Chinese looking to emigrate…the entire global economy will be affected.

In short: The Red Dragon is about to scale down – with much pain around the globe – to the size of a lizard.

We thought people needed an action plan – and fast. So we put together this report. It gives a full breakdown and analysis of the devastation this crash will have on the global economy, allowing you to fully prepare and protect your assets throughout the economic turmoil.

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Perhaps they – and now you - will be prepared for this looming collapse that will wipe out so many..

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