Investors Can Be Their
Own Worst Enemies

The Key to Consistent Success is
More Simple Than You Think

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Over the last 20 years, stocks have produced annual gains of 9.9%...but the average investor has earned only 5.2%.

This means the typical investor consistently underperforms the market.

And the reason this happens is sad, but simple: investors are prone to irrational behavior… and panic.

In 2008 stocks were already down 20% by July… only to lose another 45% over the next eight months.

Naturally everyone was panicking!

The problem is, it’s completely unrealistic to expect investors to simply “hold” during times of tremendous market turmoil. It’s psychologically impossible and history is clear: nobody actually does it.

“Buy and hold” – is fundamentally flawed. Instead of “holding” through the rough patches, most investors are panicking… and “folding.”

We react to the news cycle. We react to the painful feelings in our gut. We react to that nagging fear in our minds: “If I don’t do something… and soon… I’ll lose it all!

Does any part of this agonizing investing experience sound familiar to you?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone, and there is a better way!

In the latest report out of Economy & Markets Daily, you will learn a valuable and quite simple investment strategy to ensure you’re not investing with emotions and you’re making financial decisions to preserve as much capital as you can.

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