7 Reasons Why Donald Trump Could Become the Next U.S. President



Don't Look Further Than the Brexit for Evidence of the Revolt
Against the Establishment and the Globalist Elite

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Could a Middle-Class Revolt Fuel a Trump Victory?

Political analysts have been left scratching their heads this election season, trying to understand how such a polarizing outsider like Donald Trump swept the political arena.

Last month, the Dent Research team began looking at seven reasons why Donald Trump poses a legitimate threat to Hillary Clinton in the upcoming 2016 presidential election and what's driving the middle-class revolt. This included:

  • The diminishing middle-class labor market
  • Fierce minimum wage competition
  • Hiring of illegal immigrants
  • The growing expense of healthcare and education

In Part II of our infographic series, we look at three pivotal cycles in history that are contributing to this middle-class revolt...and possibly to "The Donald's" presidential victory.

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