It's No Longer a Question of "If," but "When" the Sky Will Fall...

Will YOU Be One of the Blind Investors?




We're in the Midst of a Major Banking Crisis... Domestic and Abroad!

With debt into the hundreds of trillions, rapidly growing debt-to-GDP ratios and plummeting stocks for major banks all around the globe, it's only a matter of time before the sky comes falling and investors get flattened!

In the latest infographic from Dent Research, The Global Banking Crisis 2.0, we break down the real numbers to show you what's really going on, so you don't end up a blind investor. This includes:


  • The true calculation of the U.S. debt, including unfunded obligations.
  • A snapshot of the worst debt-to-GDP ratios across Europe.
  • A look at the worst non-performing bank loans in the world.
  • The major banks whose stocks have taken the biggest hits.

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