What Has the "Buy-and-Hold" Method Done For You Lately?

If "buy-and-hold" and the notion that you can’t beat the market have left you short of your personal and
retirement goals, then you're going to want to hear the truth about passive and active investing.


If You’re More Than 25 Years Old, Chances are You Think It’s Impossible to “Beat the Market!”

Today, there is MORE than ample evidence that proves: the stock market is NOT perfectly efficient and passive investing can be MORE risky than active investing.

But you CAN beat the market...if you have the right strategy

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About Adam O'Dell

As the Chief Investment Analyst at Dent Research, Adam O'Dell has one purpose in mind: to find and bring to subscribers investment opportunities that return the maximum profit with the minimum risk.

He achieves this with his perfect blend of technical and fundamental analysis. Tactically, he does exhaustive back-testing and probability-based research. It’s the ultimate partner to the exhaustive economic research that Harry Dent and Rodney Johnson do in the exciting realm of the new science of finance.

Adam has worked as a Prop Trader for a spot Forex firm. While there, he learned the fundamentals of trading in the world’s largest market. He excelled at trading the volatile currency markets by seeking out low-risk entry points for trades with high profit potential. Aiming to find the best opportunities across all asset classes, Adam expanded into the commodities, equities and futures markets.

An MBA graduate and Affiliate Member of the Market Technicians Association, Adam is a lifelong student of the markets and is currently the editor of Dent Research's hugely successful trading service, Cycle 9 Alert.


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