Latest Report from Famed Harvard Economist, Harry Dent:
California: Leading the Charge
in the Red/Blue State War

From Globalization to Nationalism: Why We're Turning Against Our Neighbors & Building Walls

With every passing day we see more signs of how the great globalization trend has peaked (for now).

The world has become too small a place. We're too much in each other's faces and we can no longer ignore the differences. We want our own identities, values, and beliefs back.

Globalization has succeeded to the point that's it's now failing.

And we're facing a long period of consolidation and restructuring around fundamental religious, ethnic, political, financial and cultural divide.

Abroad we're already seeing the world beginning to fracture before our eyes, with the Brexit in 2016. And at home, 2016 saw the most controversial election and shift in politics, social policies and economic trends since the original Civil War... and there's much more to come.

Read more to discover how this extreme polarization could see the "Yes California" campaign get enough signatures to go to ballot in 2018, which alone could trigger the next major stock crash!

Don't wait until this happens to prepare for the financial fallout that could ensue. At the very least, I urge you to not be complacent... you'll regret it!

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