The Latest Infographic from Economy & Markets:
California: Leading the Charge
in the Red/Blue State War

Renowned Harvard economist, Harry Dent takes a deep dive into the ever-growing political and social divide that's plaguing the U.S. and reveals how it's contributing to such revolutionary movements like the "Yes California" campaign.

With every passing day we see more signs of globalization has succeeded to the point that's it's now failing.

The world has become too small. We're too much in each other's faces and we can no longer ignore the differences. We want our own identities, values, and beliefs back.

This increasing civil division and extreme political polarization could see the "Yes California" campaign get enough signatures to go to ballot in 2018, which alone could trigger the next major stock crash!

Get all the details on California's pursuit to secede from the Union and how far apart the country has grown for FREE in our latest infographic: California: Leading the Charge in the Red/Blue State War!

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