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Hello. I’m Harry Dent.

And what I’m about to tell you could change not just your financial future… but your children’s, your grandchildren’s, possibly even your great grandchildren’s!

Harry Dent

Harry Dent, Jr.

It the secret behind many of the history’s largest – and fastest built – fortunes.

Fortunes that have lasted for generations…

John D. Rockefeller... Andrew Carnegie... Baron Rothschild… J. Paul Getty… their names are pseudonymous with American wealth… and they became that way because they were took notice and acted on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in front of them.

And today, for the first time in 87 years, that same opportunity finally stands squarely in front of you too.

Make no mistake. This is…

The Single Greatest Wealth-Building Opportunity of Your Lifetime

I’ve never been more certain of anything in my 30 years of economic forecasting as I am about this.


Which is why I want to send you a FREE copy of my brand NEW bestselling book, The Sale of a Lifetime: How the Great Bubble Burst of 2017-2019 Can Make You Rich.

This easy – but incredibly important – read is designed to help you take advantage of this generational wealth building opportunity about to unfold over the next few months…

If you’re a baby boomer... a retiree... or someone with ANY money in stocks, bonds, or hard assets... and you want to quickly build a personal fortune that could last you and your family for decades to come…

You need to get your FREE copy of my new book, The Sale of a Lifetime, right now!

Inside, I’m going to reveal to you the shocking truth about the global financial markets…

Why many of the so called “safe assets” most investors think will protect them won’t ...

Most importantly… I’ll reveal where you can safely store your wealth in order to sidestep the coming market collapse...

And how to put yourself in prime position to grow your wealth to unheard of levels, thanks to the Sale of a Lifetime that’ll taking place on Wall Street very soon!

But it’s only possibly if you learn the secret behind…

How The Rich REALLY Get Rich

We’ve all heard investing maxims like Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful... buy low and sell high... invest at the point of maximum pessimism...

It’s not exactly rocket science… so why is it that most people are so bad at getting money in – and getting money out – at the right time?

What is it that they ultra-rich know how to do that everyday investors don’t?

It’s quite simple…

Instead of getting caught up with the day’s headlines... or worry about volatility… or the latest news from The Fed.

They focus on the bigger picture.

They look for the big opportunities in the market and then patiently wait and pick their shots. And they all know that the very best opportunities appear immediately following a huge market crash.

It’s why the Great Depression minted more new millionaires and billionaires than any other time in history…

And It’s Why 2017 Could Be The Year YOU Become Rich ...
Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Over my career I’ve studied more than 200 financial booms and busts throughout history… and I’ve come to a rather startling conclusion.

It’s something the Federal Reserve doesn’t want to admit… and neither do most of the economist, analysts, or media pundits… or any of our elected government officials...

Economic bubbles are 100% predictable!

And I’ve been able to accurately predict almost all of them over the past 30 years.

Like the epic collapse of the Japanese economy… which I predicted in my book “Our Power to Predict” back in 1989.

“I see a rude awakening for the Japanese, especially with the coming recession, which will strike a blow to their tight but very vulnerable structure where everything from the yen to capital markets are “rigged” to support their present strategies.”

Or when I called the top of the dot-com bubble on February 1, 2000.

“The leading internet stocks appear to be approaching a significant top that should be followed by a correction larger than in mid-1999. I don’t agree with many analysts who claim the overall market is in a mania, but the internets are!”

And in April 2005… I stood almost alone in warning everyday investors about the real estate bubble just waiting to collapse.

“Who is going to buy all of these large, high-end homes and McMansions as the economy eventually weakens and the next generation wants low-end starter homes over the next decade?”


And after three decades of accurately predicting some of the largest bubbles in today’s markets... my economic models all point to one thing…

Right Now We’re Sitting On Top of The Largest Bubble In HISTORY!

There’s not a single person or economist (that I’m aware of, at least) that denies 1995-2000 was a bubble. It was the most extreme in U.S. history.

So take a look at what happens when you compare that bubble to our current market...


It’s a carbon copy! Only the current bubble we’re in has lasted almost TWO YEARS LONGER than the one in the 90’s!

And if you hear politicians or the talking heads on TV or even your own broker tell you we’re NOT in bubble, it’s because no one i wants a bubble to burst on their watch!

The fact is, right now, we’re witnessing the final moments of the biggest financial bubble in American history.

If you listen to those who assure you “there’s no bubbles to be found here,” then not only will you be crushed as it all unwinds...

You’ll Miss Out On the Sale of a Lifetime that Follows!

How did I know all of these bubbles would pop… sometimes decades in advance? And how do I know we’re sitting inside the largest one ever right now?

Back when I was studying economics in the ‘70’s, I came to an important realization.

Despite decades of academic research and theories… economists can’t actually do what they’re supposed to…

Predict the future of the economy!

So I turned my back on classical economics and searched for new answers. And what I stumbled upon became the backbone of my entire career from that point forward.

I discovered a powerful link between the science of demographic and generational analysis... and what the markets are about to do next.

You see, when you know what types of things people will buy… and when they will buy them in their lifetime… it’s almost like having a crystal ball that allows you to peer into the future of any economy.

New generations enter the workforce and earn and spend more until their kids leave the nest, creating predictable long-term booms and busts in our economy.

That means we can predict economic cycles almost 50 years in advance!

It’s how I knew all of those bubbles would form, and eventually come crashing down…

And even though the markets are hitting record highs… luxury homes and condos are selling for astronomical prices… and unemployment is hovering around 5%...

The Worst Is Just Beginning

Once this bubble pops, I expect the onset of a brutal bear market... but once we go through the painful process of deleveraging, we’ll see one of the most incredible bull markets in history.

And if you put yourself in a position to snatch up assets at fire sale prices, you could make enough money to last you and your family for generations.

The last time we saw something like this was 87 years ago, following the Great Depression.

That’s when Kennedy, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Rothschild, Getty and more, cemented their legacies of vast wealth that would end up part of American history.

Now the very same life-changing opportunity has finally arrived again… and it’s your turn to do the same.

That’s why I’m urging you to get your FREE copy of my best selling book, The Sale of a Lifetime: How the Great Bubble Burst of 2017-2019 Can Make You Rich.

Inside this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to Build Lifetime Wealth During the Biggest Crash Ever: What is about to unfold over the next few years will impact your life and business more than any financial crisis you’ve ever witnessed… but if you take a few simple steps, you can sidestep the destruction and profit handsomely from it. [page 16]
  • The Biggest Shift In Our Power to Predict: Something very important happened after WWII that would dramatically reshape how we view the markets. It was so big that it made all of the previous models completely irrelevant… and it’s how I made my first spot on call in the 90’s [page 22]
  • How to Cash In On These Ultra-Profitable Post Crash Opportunities: When the dust settles and asset prices have hit rock bottom… you’ll have the once in a lifetime opportunity to snatch up investments for pennies on the dollar creating generational wealth. I’ll reveal six of my very best places to look for huge profits. [page 225]
  • What to Do to Prepare for the Next Boom: Bursting bubbles make investors rich… and you can be one of them if you know where to look for opportunities. I’ll show my top post-crisis picks… and when I expect the next boom to happen [ page 93 ]
  • How to Make Money From the Next Boomer Bubble: Boomers are responsible for endless bubbles over the past 60 years — from baby food, to jeans, drugs, rock, music… and there are three major bubbles they will inflate next. I’ll reveal what they are, and how to find the best post-crash companies [ page 144 ]
  • The Recurring Cycle That Produces Massive New Opportunities: When this cycle moves into its plateau, the old established companies get crushed as new high-growth startups take their place. I’ll reveal exactly what this cycle is… and how I use it to spot massive new investment opportunities (which we’ll see in spades in the years ahead) [ page 122 ]
  • The Single Greatest Economic Force The World Has Ever Seen: This one thing has proved time and time again to be the only driver of the economy… not the government, not “sentiment”, not interest rates, or inflation, or oil prices, or the Fed, the President, weather, or even wars! Once you understand how it works, you’ll never look at investing the same way again. [ page 138 ]
  • The Ultimate Economic Model That I Use To Forecast On-The-Money Predictions Decades In Advance: This just might be the most important thing you will ever learn about investing. It’s at the core of my 30+ years of research... and once you understand how it works… you’ll know exactly how to uncover highly profitable investment opportunities when this bubble finally pops [page 21/24]
  • How to Profit From Emerging Markets: Adam Smith had it half right. There are actually two "invisible hands” that shape the market. Here’s how they’re shaping my number one pick for post crash opportunities… and how to get in on the action. [ page 248 ]
  • The Surprising Link Between Orgasms and Bubbles: I couldn’t believe this when I saw it for the first time... but the way bubbles boom and bust is practically identical to how the human orgasm works. Some bubbles are like male orgasms... others like female orgasms. And once you know which kind of bubble we’re in right now, you’ll know exactly what is coming next — and how to reap the rewards when it does. [ page 42 ]
  • The Number 1 country to invest in for super-sized returns in the years ahead (it's not Hong Kong, China, or Brazil) [page 249]
  • FOR BUSINESS OWNERS! The Nine Principles For Surviving and Dominating in The Years to Come: How did GM leapfrog the then #1 Ford Company? By understanding these nine principles after the market crashed. Here’s how you can position your business to catapult your business to the next level… and leave your competitors in the dust. [ page 232 ]
  • BONUS CHAPTER! “The First Bubble Model” –– Think unexpected crashes are unpredictable Black Swan events? Think again! In this previously unreleased chapter, Harry pulls back the curtains and reveals his bulletproof bubble model that has helped him consistently spot these supposedly “unpredictable” market crashes years in advance.

And much, much more!

This upcoming economic crisis is going to be painful for a lot of people… but if you prepare now,

it could be the single greatest wealth-building opportunity you will ever live to see.

You have two choices…

You can choose to capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime event and build epic amounts of wealth that could transform not only your life but your family’s life for decades to come.

Or you can bury your head in the sand, insist that we aren’t in a bubble and watch in horror as your savings is wiped out…

Which is why I’m urging you to get your copy of The Sale of a Lifetime: How the Great Bubble Burst of 2017-2019 Can Make You Rich today and read it all the way through.

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